Wednesday, April 20, 2016

And Away We Go!

Operation Monkey Grass has begun!

After a few delays -- like my having to work late today-- I finally started trying to root out the monkey grass.  That stuff is tough, I tell ya. 

I was trying to dig it out with the shovel, but kept hitting rocks.  The lady who lived here before put rocks in all her flower beds.  I imagine they are for drainage, but normally, you put more than an inch or two of soil on top of them.  After fruitlessly digging for a few moments, I remember that I'd planned on using the claw. 

I went to my shed and retrieved said claw, but even with it's help, this is as far as I've gotten.

Yep, this is all the monkey grass I managed to dig up.

I still have this much to go.

By this time, I was tired and drenched with sweat.  Forget it, I thought to myself.  I'll try again tomorrow.  I figure it'll be easier when I finally restring my weedeater and cut it close to the ground before trying to pry the roots out. 

After doing that, I walked around and checked on some of my other plants.  I'm not sure if you can see them, but my climbing rose is covered in buds.  

In a few days, it's going to explode in a riot of color.  Kind of like my dianthus has. 

And my other dianthus is about to. 

This is the first dianthus I bought.  Yes, I know I need to get some mulch around them. 

It's on the list. 

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