Monday, March 07, 2016

Conversations With Cody

Mom, there's a big ol' brown recluse in the sink.  Do you have something to squish it with?

There's a flyswatter in the laundry room.

*I go get him the flyswatter and he walks back to the bathroom.

It's gone now.  It must have crawled off.

*I go look and it's still there.

No, it hasn't.  It's right there.  

*He looks, shudders, backs away, and hands me the flyswatter.

You're the man.  You're supposed to kill it. 

Yeah, but I'm also the arachnophobe.

*I kill the spider and wash its body down the sink.

You know, one day you're going to want to get married and your wife will expect you to kill the spiders.  

Um, that'll be her job. 

*laughing*  Yeah, good luck with that. 

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