Friday, March 18, 2016


One thing I needed to buy since I got my new house is a lawn mower.  I'd planned on getting a little push mower as soon as the stores started getting some in.  Everybody else around here seems to have a riding mower, but my yard is too small for one.  I can't justify spending over a thousand dollars on a mower that will barely fit into my yard in the first place. 

The problem was, I wasn't sure I could fit one in my little car.  I thought, briefly, about driving my old Jimmy up there to bring it home in.  I don't have insurance on it any more, and with my luck, I'd get into my very first wreck.  While I was still debating this conundrum, I went to to research the different models and such.

I found this one that I really liked. 

It's a Snapper, which is a good brand.  This model is a middle of the range price-wise, and got good reviews on the site.  It's self propelled, and comes with a bag to catch the clippings.  That's good, because I can collect them and add them to my compost pile. 

I checked to see if it was available locally, I noticed this little gem:  it has free shipping.  FREE. SHIPPING!  Seriously.  I can get a lawn mower shipped to my house. FOR FREE!!  

OK, my options were free shipping, and it'll get here by next Friday, or I could pay $4.95 shipping and it will get here by Wednesday.  I started to take the Wednesday delivery, but then I figured I wouldn't mow until next weekend anyway.  So I got a lawnmower shipped to my house.


Can't beat that with a stick. 

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