Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hit The Ground Running

That's what we did when we went back to work.  We hit the ground running -- as in 10 hour days, 6 days a week right out of the gate.  Needless to say, I'm a bit tired.  It's also why blogging has been light these last few days. 

However, I did want to update you on what has happened since last I blogged.

Last Friday, I went up to Southaven to meet up with The Gang.

It kinda felt a bit -- ummm, awkward isn't quite the right word, but I kind of felt a bit out of place without Hank's yarn store to hang out in.  Nevertheless, we persevered.  We ate at Huey's, then walked over to Starbucks to chat and knit.  There was laughter, and cookies, and a promise to make this a yearly event.  Then it was time to go, and many bitter tears were shed at our parting.  Before we left, we absconded a hapless bystander and forced her to photograph us for posterity.  We are front row, left to right:  Kat, Leann, Christi; back row: Amy, Me.

While I was in Southaven, I stopped off at Wal-mart to try to find some of the things that our local Wal-mart is always out of.  I found said toiletries, then wandered over to the home furnishings section. I found this nifty slip cover for my new couch.

It's not fancy, but it is machine washable and will protect my sofa from Rylea's hair.  It stays in place a lot better than the one on my love seat does, too.  I think I'll order a matching one for said love seat, and maybe one for the recliner as well.

Saturday morning, I heard the mail truck honking.  I went outside and the mail lady said, "You got a bunch of boxes."  She wasn't joking.

And what was in all those boxes?  Yarn! 

Lots of yarn. 

My mother in law was de-stashing and sent me tons of yarn.  Convenient, because my sister in law recently posted a picture of a hat she really wanted.  I'm going to try to reverse engineer the pattern and make her one for next Christmas.

I spent the rest of Saturday rearranging my living room furniture.  I think I finally have everything the way I want it.  I don't have everything IN the cabinets yet, but the cabinets themselves are in place.  

I put my first decoration on my new car.

And I used my Christmas money to order this hardback copy of The Lord Of The Rings, illustrated by Alan Lee that I've been wanting for years. 

It'll look really nice in my new cabinet -- right next to my leatherbound 50th anniversary edition of The Hobbit. 

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