Monday, January 18, 2016


It would seem winter has finally arrived, and arrived with a vengeance.  We even got a little snow this morning. 

It was tiny, dry flakes that didn't stick, but it was fun watching it fall.  That little wood heater sure felt good, too. 

The internet was down when I got up, and turning my computer's airplane mode on and off didn't work.  Since I couldn't get online, I spent a good while sitting by the heater, drinking coffee and reading Marley & Me.  I'd bought it a couple of weeks ago, then stopped reading about halfway through.  I didn't want to finish, because I know how it ends. 

But I buckled down and finished reading it.  And I cried.  Then I bought Old Yeller.  Sigh...I must be a glutton for punishment. 

When I'd finished reading, I spent a few moments cleaning out the boxes I'd moved to Cody's room.  In one of those boxes, I found this old picture of my 4th grade class. 

I wrote everyone's name on the back of the envelope, but only their first names.  There are only about 5 of them whose last name I remember.  I posted it on Facebook, hoping some of my old classmates can help me out.  No, I am not looking at the camera.  I never did in those days, because the flash hurt my eyes. 

When I got done with that, the internet still wasn't up.  On a whim, I reset my router.  That did the trick.  It hasn't dropped out all day.  My plan was to have an Alan Rickman tribute day, and marathon all of his movies I could find.  I streamed Gambit.  It was meh.  Then I watched Quigley Down Under.  That is one of my favorites, and it is also the movie that introduced me to Alan Rickman. 

I wanted to watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  I was sure I had bought it on DVD a few years ago.  I tore up my house looking for it, but couldn't find it anywhere.   I had to pass on it for now.  I went online and ordered one, so maybe it will get here in time for me to watch it next weekend. 

Since I couldn't watch that one, I tried to watch Sense & Sensibility, but they'd taken it off Prime.  And of course, none of the Harry Potter movies are on Prime.  So, that was my RickMarathon -- two movies.

Today, I heard the news that Glen Frey, who founded the Eagles, has also died.  My question is, who put Steven Moffat in charge of 2016?

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