Friday, January 22, 2016

No Snow

Once again reaffirming why my dad called them weather guessers, the meteorologists guessed wrong this time.   It did snow, but it didn't stick.  There was a little bit on Jimmy when I got home, but no accumulation.

A lot of people missed work because of the anticipated snowpocalypse, so we all had to do double duty.  It made for a tough day.  Then I volunteered to stay late and help someone else out. Ten and a half hours.  I was glad I did my shopping yesterday. 

The bad part about doing my shopping yesterday was I spent all day thinking it was Saturday.  I just hope I get up and go to work tomorrow, and not to church.  Boy, that would be awkward.  The good news is, I got my first overtime check of the year!  Whew, my checking account was starting to squeak just a little bit. 

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