Monday, September 14, 2015

We're Done

Moving, that is.

I hit it hard and heavy this weekend and got all my stuff out of the trailer house.  Now begins the long and arduous task of unpacking and making this house a home.

Sunday evening, I finally packed up the last of my things, and vacuumed and mopped before I left.  As I walked through the house one last time,  I thought about the memories we'd made there.  The birthdays, the Christmases,  Cody's first pie (yes, he baked it all by himself)

The way he used to want to play diner when we ate.

How I would call "order up!" and hand his plate through the window. 

How excited he was to get this nice big bedroom.

And how he fixed it up himself. 

Cold winter mornings, snuggled in bed.

Having to say goodbye to the best dog ever.

I even thought about how excited we were to get it, and how I'd blogged every step of the way.    And now I'm blogging about how sad I am to leave the house my son grew up in.

I stood in the living room for a moment, and listened to the memories whispering from the walls.  I took a deep breath and walked out, closing the door on that chapter of my life and opening the door to a new chapter, softly singing all the while.

I know where I'm going
Do you want to come too?
Got my reservation
And I got one for you... 

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