Saturday, September 05, 2015


I'm making progress.  It's slow, but I'm getting there.  Today, I got the master bedroom and bathroom completely cleaned out.  I still need to clean the bathroom -- the toilet, bathtub, mop the floors, etc-- but all my stuff is out and at the new house.

Once I got done with that, I started on the living room.  I'd forgotten how many games we had.  Cody and I used to play games, but he'd get so ugly if he lost, I didn't like playing with him.  He didn't just want to win.  He wanted a shut out.  So, we stopped playing, but I kept the games.

As far as the kitchen goes, I've moved the most important thing. 

I'll get the rest of the stuff later, but that's all I need to survive. 

One of the benefits of moving is that you find things you'd had stored away.  Some of you may remember the post I wrote about the lap robe I'd made for both of my Grandmas.  Well, here it is: 

And here is an afghan my Mammaw crocheted for me.  I think it was a birthday present. 

You can see her mind was already slipping.  She goes from double crochet, to single crochet, then back to double crochet.  It wasn't much longer that she was barely able to crochet at all. 

And here is the ceramic horse my Aunt Martha made for me.  It's on the mantle above my wood heater. 

Slowly, but surely, the house is starting to feel like home. 

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