Friday, September 11, 2015

I Have Internets!

I have internet at my new house!  And cable TV.   

Still moving my junk, though.  I'd taken today off work.  Well, I've taken all the rest of the Fridays in the year off as a preemptive measure, just in case they cut us back to 4 day work weeks.  It doesn't look like they are, though.  We're still working Saturdays as it is. 

So, I had today off work, but I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped.  First, I had to wait for the cable guy.  No, his name wasn't Larry.  He was supposed to come between 10:00 AM and Noon.  He showed up at 10:15 ish, so that was OK.  But it took him a long time to get the cable hooked up.  I'm not sure what took so long, but it was nearly 1:00 PM before he left.  But I gots internets and TV now. 

As soon as he left, I hopped into the Jimmy and headed back to the old house.  James had backed his little trailer up to my front door, so I started loading things onto it.  I'm mostly working on Cody's room now. 

Apparently, all those times I'd told him to clean his room, he was just shoving stuff behind his furniture.  Four garbage bags, so far.  FOUR, of just junk.  I completely filled up my trash can, then I went and filled up James and Beverly's trash can.  And I'm not done yet.  I'm standing there looking around and wondering where all this junk came from.  I've moved so much stuff out of the house, and there is still so much left in there. 

After an hour or so, I got a bit hungry, so I loaded some boxes into the Jimmy and came home to get a bite to eat.  About the time I finished eating, the storm hit.    Back into the Jimmy I jump, and go flying down the road like a mad woman and start hauling the stuff on the trailer back into the house. 

Between the waiting on the cable guy, waiting on the garbage men, and the rain, it really put a cramp in my packing.  Nevertheless, we must persevere.  I used the time to clean up the master bathroom and the refrigerator really well.  Then I cleaned out my craft closet and loaded up all of that stuff into the Jimmy.  Once the rain stopped, I hauled it to the new house.

By that time, I was hungry again, and out of milk, so into Wal-Mart I go.  Bought milk, pizza, and a few storage boxes, only to get home and discover that my new stove is one of those fancy digital jobs and I had no idea how to turn it on.  Sigh...

I figured it out, but still.  It was just one more trying event in a trying day.   That was when I decided to just give up on the day. 

I will try again tomorrow. 

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