Monday, September 28, 2015

Almost Ready

I'm almost ready to paint my bathroom, but not quite. 

 I stayed up late last night to watch the SuperHarvestBloodMoonTotalLunarEclipse, so I'm a little tuckered today.  It was cloudy, so I watched a feed on  I tried to watch the feed on NASA, but it kept crashing.  I guess so many people were watching it that we broke them.  That would make for some interesting water cooler conversation.

"What did you do this weekend?"

"I took the family on a picnic."

"I watched football."

"I went camping." 

"I broke NASA."

Even though it was mostly cloudy here, I did run outside when totality began.  The clouds thinned just enough that I could see the moon, but not clearly.  Still I can say that I saw it. 

Right after work today, I commandeered James and his trailer, and we cleaned out my rental storage unit.  I was sitting there yesterday watching football and suddenly realized it was almost the end of the month.  If I could clean the thing out before Thursday, I wouldn't have to pay another month's rental on it. 

I texted James and asked if he would be busy this afternoon.  I thought between his trailer, truck bed, and the back of my Jimmy, we could get it all moved to my shed in one trip.  Sure enough, that's all it took. 

Speaking of, James and Beverly already have someone coming to look at their house tomorrow evening.  I gave James a spare key to my shed, just in case he needed to stick some junk in there while I was at work. 

Once we were done with that, I sanded down my bathroom walls.  I found two more small spots that I needed to scrape and patch, but I think they are about as good as they are going to get.  I might be able to start painting tomorrow. 

Then disaster struck. 

OK, it wasn't really a disaster, but it sounds so much more dramatic when you say it that way.  When I took my bath, I noticed water oozing out from the base of my toilet, and my bathtub wasn't draining.  Oh, great.  Now instead of painting, I get to call a plumber.  But maybe not.

After much plunging and swearing, the bathtub eventually drained.  After The Big Bang Theory, I ran some more water into it, and that time it seemed to drain just fine. I got brave and washed the towels I'd used to clean up the water that had run all over my bathroom floor.  The washing machine drained with no problem.  Nothing backed up or anything. 

However, neither of my toilets are flushing, so the clog is definitely on that side of the house. I may need to see if someone has a snake to clear the sewer lines out.  I'll need to replace the gasket at the base of the toilet in the front bathroom, too, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

It'll be good practice for when I take the toilet out of the small bathroom to fix the walls behind it.    

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