Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting There

Slowly but surely I'm getting things taken care of. 

I called today to get my old internet shut off.  The customer service guy was very nice.  He asked why I was disconnecting my internet, and I explained that it was because they don't offer DSL where my new house is.  He double checked, because he said sometimes the website isn't up to date. 

Only this time, it was.  That's too bad, because I've had good service from them for all the years I've had internet.  We cancelled the service, and he put in a request to have it installed in this area.  They're supposed to call me when it's available. 

For now, I've got Cable internet. 

I was a bit freaked out when I got home and checked my usage to find that I'd already used 93% of my bandwidth for the month.  Really?  I've only had it hooked up for 10 days! 

I called to upgrade and the customer service rep kept saying I had the 15 MG service.  I said, "No, it's 50."  She said, "It says here you have the 15 MG."  Well, no wonder I'd blown through my bandwidth so quickly.  I'd intended to get the 50 MG, but the girl must have misunderstood me.  We got that corrected, and when I checked again, I'd only used 16% instead of 93%.  That's much better. 

While I was on the phone with her, this guy I work with showed up at my house.  He gets old bikes and fixes them up to donate to children whose parents may not be able to afford new bikes for them.  The previous owners of my house had left one in the back yard, so I contacted him and asked if he wanted it. It was in pretty bad shape, but he said he thinks he can fix it up. 

He left, and the cable person and I finished our business, and that was it.  Two phone calls and a visitor.  That is all the human interaction I could take for one day, so I turned myself into a Peanuts character. 

You can Peanutize yourself, too.  Here:  Peanutize Me

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