Monday, September 21, 2015

New Things And One Old Thing

Several years ago, back when I was on the 3 - 11 PM shift, I had a co-worker named Robbie Ann.  She was a really sweet lady, and one of my best friends out there.  She had to quit because of health problems. 

One evening, we were at work and Robbie Ann got a phone call.  She rushed out the door, because her daughter had gone into labor.  Later that night, Robbie's daughter gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. 

Today, that baby boy started working at the plant.  Suddenly, I felt really, really old. 

But here is something new and old to cheer me up:

A Navy Midshipmen mini helmet.  This design is from a few years ago, but it's my favorite of all the ones they wear.  Yes, I paid too much for it, but I wanted it.  The Middies are 2-0, oh by the way.  Army is 0 - 3.  Just thought I'd throw that out there. 

Yesterday, I posted Cody's old twin sized bed in one of the local yard sale groups on Facebook.  He outgrew it years ago, but I just hadn't done anything with it.  Someone responded almost immediately, and asked if I would trade the bed for a table top grill. Yep, we have a deal!

Now, I have a new grill.  I did some research, and this grill is worth more than what I was asking for the bed, so I got the better end of that bargain.  The lady told me that it was a good grill, but her husband wanted a full sized one. 

Plus, they had a 5 year old who didn't have a bed, so I guess they got a good deal, too. 

Whatever, we're both happy. 

Now to see if any stores have any charcoal left. 

For what it's worth, Mark Harmon looks better at 64 than he did at 20.  But that's just me. 

Just thought I'd throw that out there...

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