Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We're Done!

I've sold my trailer house!  I met the guy who is buying it at his bank, and gave them all the information they needed.  Basically, it was just the payoff amount and the address to which they needed to send the check.  They gave me a copy of the check they cut and had me sign a bill of sale, and that was all she wrote.  Well, for my part anyway.  He said he'll be moving it probably the first part of next week.  It's going to be weird driving past the empty spot where my home for the last 20 years had been. 

Part of me keeps thinking, if I'd bought a house 20 years ago, I'd have it nearly paid off by now.  On the other hand, I've enjoyed living right next door to my cousins, and they were really helpful when Cody was little.  But he's grown now, and they're moving back to Texas, and life moves on, even for introverts like me who want everything to stay exactly the same for ever and ever and ever. 

On the way home, I stopped by the old home place to pick up my mail, and to tell Beverly and James the good news.  Beverly's sister Judy and her husband have been here, and she wanted to come out and see my new house.  Beverly hadn't seen it either, so they both came. 

As soon as they got here, Judy got out her camera, saying, "You know if Mother (my Aunt Martha) were here, she'd be taking pictures."  So, Judy took pictures, and Beverly said how cute my house is, and they both exclaimed about the sideways paneling in the small bedrooms. 

 They helped me figure out my color schemes for the kitchen and the bathrooms.  No, I'm not going to tell you.  You'll get to see it as it happens.  I think I'm going to like it, though. 

Jesse snuggled up to Beverly, and she said, "That's the first time he's ever let me pet him!"  I've had him four years, and she's never gotten to pet him before.   Having a fence around the back yard seems to have totally changed him.  He'll even go outside by himself after dark now.  He's never done that before.  I've always had to go out with him, and even then, half the time, he'd stand on the back steps, cowering in fear. 

Now, I just have to finish unpacking and organizing.  That's the hard part.  It took me three days to unload my dishwasher, because I didn't know where I wanted to put anything, so I just left it all there.  I finally unloaded it and reloaded it.  The good thing about my new dishwasher is that it is much quieter than my old one.  I can run it and still hear the TV.

Speaking of TV, I still haven't taken my new one out of the box.  But tomorrow, I can actually come straight home from work, so maybe then. 

Speaking of work, remember that messed up order I had to deal with yesterday?  I was going to braze it up first thing this morning, but when I got there, I discovered that second shift had already brazed it.  Good, right?  Wrong.  They used the wrong headers.  The correct headers were still sitting in a box on the floor, while the incorrect headers were all nicely brazed up.  Oh, they were beautiful.  They were just wrong. 

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth (and that was the bosses), I had to re-do the whole order.  Once I got that done, the rest of the day went pretty smoothly. 

On second thought, I think I will go get that there TV out of that there box and watch TV in bed.


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