Sunday, September 06, 2015

Rough Night

The dogs and I spent the first night in our new house last night.  It was kind of rough on all of us. 

I got all the way over there, and realized I'd left my melatonin at home.  I didn't want to come all the way back and get it, so I knew I wouldn't sleep well.  I did get some sleep, between the emotional roller coaster of "I'm so proud of my new house" and "I hate this place! I want to go home!", but it was restless sleep, filled with the strange noises of a new house, and a frightened dog who didn't know where he was.  One good thing, the neighborhood was again quiet, so Friday night wasn't a fluke. 

I got up this morning to no food in the new house.  I had coffee, but no food.  Breakfast consisted of a half eaten honeybun from my tool bag that I'd bought out of the machine at work.  I had every intention of going to church today.  I haven't been in so long, I think they've forgotten I'm even a member.  I even took a shower and put on my makeup.  But, as I was sitting there in that strange, silent house, no TV, no internet, not even a radio to make some noise-- and the knitting project I'd packed up was still sitting in the trailer house--the dogs were crying and I was crying, so I said, "I'm going home."  And I did. 

After getting home, sitting in familiar surroundings, eating something, and listening to my worship music playlist, I felt a whole lot better.  I'm sure I'm still going to have my moments, but eventually, the new house will feel like home.   Getting my TV and recliner moved, and the cable and internet hooked up will help.  It'll probably help a lot, since I won't be able to sit and watch NCIS reruns at the old house.  That really cuts into my packing time. 

First thing I did when I got home was to pack up all my vitamins and most of the food.  I still need to get the food from the fridge and freezer.  My new refrigerator is missing the bottom shelf, the one that is right above the crisper drawers.  I know you can replace them, but I'll probably have to order one online.

 The good news is, I finally made it to the store, and bought a new card reader.  You get to see my bindweed blooms.

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