Thursday, August 06, 2015

Now We Wait

I finally rounded up and turned the very last thing I needed to get my mortgage taken care of.  Now we wait....

I'm so ready to get into my new house.  Beverly and James are going to give me quite a bit of furniture that they aren't taking back to Texas with them, so I'll be all set.  A couch, a chair, a couple of cabinets, and an entertainment center so far...

I remember after my grandmother died and my grandpa remarried.  The first thing Granny did was to put paneling up in their whole house.  It made the house seem so much smaller.  So, I'm definitely going to paint the paneling in the living room and master bedroom.  I may eventually try to put that sidewise paneling in the master bedroom, because I like the way it looks.  That'll come later, though.  Right now, I'm just going to paint, probably a light beige or ecru. 

I'm thinking of a light teal for the kitchen. I don't like the yellow, but really don't want to get into some of the more gaudy color combinations that are popular these days.  No bright red or deep purple walls or anything like that. 

While I'm waiting, I'm still spinning, a little bit.  I plied a bit more yarn today, and somehow managed to get my singles almost exactly the same length.  When I finished, I had this much left over.

I'm knitting all this homemade yarn up into a giant scarf which I will felt when I'm done.  

Other than that, there isn't really much to talk about.  Work, being hot, coming home and sitting in the air conditioning...that is my life these days.

That, and waiting....

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