Friday, August 14, 2015

Employee Appreciation

We had an employee appreciation day at work this afternoon. 

They were handing out ice cream and candy during the hour between the shifts.  The problem is, both shifts had to make their way through the break room at the same time. 

So, after work, I went and got in line.  The line was all the way out of the door.  I stood there, and stood there, and stood there.  Holding my 40 lb tool bag.  Hot, tired, and frustrated, I stood there.  The line never moved. 

Finally, I said, "This isn't even worth it,"  and I left without getting a tiny little ice cream sandwich and two bite sized candy bars.

I didn't feel appreciated. 

They really don't know how to do appreciation things out there.  One time, they had a fish fry during our lunch break.  Now, our lunch break is only 20 minutes long, but that day, they gave us an extra 10 minutes. 

The problem was, they didn't make up the plates ahead of time.  They just put trays of food on the table and let people serve themselves.  Only, they didn't cook enough food.  They were bringing in trays of half raw fish, and people were taking all of it. 

There was one big, fat guy.  He had to have weighed at least 400 lbs.  They brought in a tray of fish, and he took every last piece of fish and put it on his plate.  They should have had people serve the food.  Some people stood in line their entire lunch break and didn't get anything to eat.

They didn't feel appreciated. 

Do you want me to feel appreciated?  Here's an idea.  Start resolving some of the issues with production that we've been complaining about for years.  Buy us new bins to put our parts in, so they aren't falling out of the big holes in the bottom of those worn out bins.  Buy us new kit containers with dividers that stay in place, so that we don't have to sort out a bunch of mixed up parts. 

Don't make us wear the same nasty gloves day after day after day.  Stop being so stingy and give us what we need to do our jobs. 

And for the love of Pete, stop treating us like kindergarteners. 

I'm an adult.  Treat me as such.

That will make me feel appreciated.  Much more than an ice cream sandwich will.

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