Friday, July 31, 2015

A Great Upheaval

Today we had our annual great upheaval at work. 

Said upheaval doesn't usually affect me.  The last time it did, we ended up with a different group leader.  You know him as Group Leader Fernando. 

Well, this year, said upheaval did affect me.  I'm going back to line 1.  Former Group Leader Rod will now be Group Leader Rod, and Group Leader Fernando will now be Former Group Leader Fernando.

Rod is happy about that.  Fernando, not so much. 

Usually, said upheaval includes all the summer temps being laid off, and today was no exception.  Yes, Cody was laid off.  He's not happy about that.  He'd only had three more weeks anyway, but still...

On the home front,

Get it?  Home front.  Uh, never mind...

I went to the bank yesterday and signed 5739 forms to get my mortgage started.  I still have to get a few papers together to take to them, one of which is the receipt proving that my taxes are up to date on the trailer.  I was looking for said receipt, and found every one from the year I bought this trailer, except for one.  Guess which one?  Right, the one I needed -- this year. 

No big deal.  I just ran up to the tax collector's office and they printed me out another one.  Now, I just need an insurance quote and the cancelled check from my earnest money, and I'll be good to go. 

I've got someone coming out tomorrow to look at the trailer.  Let's hope he decides to buy it.  What with them cutting out the overtime and all, I can't carry two notes.  It's a good sign that he already knows where it is.  He told me his mama lives on the same road -- at the other end, over the railroad tracks and past the cotton fields. 

Now, I reckon I ought to get to bed, so I can tidy up a bit before he gets here. 

Oh, did I mention they cut out all the overtime?  Yeah, it's going to be heaven sleeping in until 5:00! 

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