Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Great House Hunt Continues

Those of you who have been keeping up with my blog will remember that I am looking for a new house.  I'd marked a few on the Zillow app, and today I finally got together with the realtor to go look at one of them.  It was the one I liked second best -- judging from the photos-- and the one I liked best of the houses within my budget.

When we got to the house, I was so disappointed.  First of all, the realtor had told me that there was someone renting the house. That was its first strike.  I didn't want to kick someone out of her home.  She was pretty upset, too.  Seems the homeowner had told her that she wouldn't sell the house if this lady agreed to rent it, and it was supposed to have been taken off the market.  She has nothing to worry about, because after seeing the house in person, I didn't want it anyway.  Even the realtor said she wasn't going to show it any more.

It hadn't been kept in good condition, and was pretty run down.  Not only that, it was very dirty and smelled -- and not just of cigarette smoke.  We walked through it, and I really didn't like the bathrooms.  They were smaller than the pictures made them look, and had really outdated fixtures.  The only part I did like about it was the kitchen and the living area.  But, I didn't like them well enough to want the house, nor did I like them well enough to kick someone out of her home. 

After we left, the realtor -- Sue-- and I went back to her office.  We looked through her book and found a few more houses that we are going to go look at Monday afternoon.    "Don't worry," she assured me.  "I'll find you a place.  I'll even sell your trailer after you've moved out."

I know some people don't like using realtors, but I wanted to go through one, since I've never bought a house before.  This one has a really good reputation, too.  She is going to make sure I'm in a good neighborhood, and of course, she knows all the legalities involved.   I'd told her I was going to get a VA loan, and she knows someone at a local bank who handles VA loans.  I'd planned on going through the credit union, but I'm debating if it would be better to us a local bank.  I'll discuss that with her at another time.

Long time readers may remember way back when I bought a fake leather journal with a ribbon marker.   For five years, that fake leather journal with a ribbon marker has been my companion and my confidant.  I've filled it's pages with my hopes and dreams, my fears and frustrations, my triumphs and my tears, and things I can't share with anyone else.  It was with no small sadness that as of last night, I have filled the last page.  There is a bit of mourning going on in my heart tonight.  

As with all things, it's time to put the past behind me and look to the future.  It's time to move on.  Despite having 2856 other journals somewhere in this house of mine, I went and bought a new one. 

When I put pen to paper later this evening, this book will become my new companion and confidant.  I will tell it my hopes and dreams, my fears and frustrations, my triumphs and my tears, and things I can't share with anyone else.  Eventually, I will fill it up, too, and have to move on.  But for now, it is a fresh new world for me, a new life to begin living...

Yes, that is a Tyrion Lannister action figure that I also bought.

Because that's just who I am. 

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