Friday, June 19, 2015

Eye Candy Friday

It has been so very hot in the plant.  Some of the air conditioning units have been down, and the temps have been hitting the upper 90s to low 100s, depending on where you work.  On the day it hit 100 at my work station, I took a picture of my thermometer and printed out a sign that says, "Nothing says ADP CARES like triple digit temps."  It was a big hit.  Even Supervisor Calvin laughed, and he never laughs at anything. 

While I was sweltering, I got a text from my realtor.  She has someone who might be interested in buying my trailer.  She's looking for one to move out to her mother's land, so that would be great.  When I got home, I called the mortgage company to see what my payout would be, then I called the realtor, and gave her all the info.  We also talked about some more houses we are going to go look at Monday after work.

Next step is getting my trailer house cleaned out and cleaned up. I tracked down the guy who owns the mini-storage on my road, and rented one.  I already started moving some stuff down there, and will move some more tomorrow.  The biggest thing will be getting the cat's room cleaned up.  It's pretty nasty in there, but a good shampooing ought to take care of that. 

And, of course, Cody's old room, which has become storage.  I've got some good sized boxes that we are going to shove stuff into and haul down to the storage room. 

Now, for the fun stuff.  One of my friends had mentioned that she was thinking about buying a Spindolyn.  Since I had decided that I didn't really like mine, I packed it up and sent it to her.  In return, she sent me tons and tons of fiber to spin.

Now, I just have to get good at spinning. 

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