Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Another One Of Those Days

Well, a couple of days, really.  It all started yesterday after work.  The realtor and I went and looked at 5 houses.  Yes, five.  I know that was a lot, but we just did a quick walk through of each, to get an idea of whether I want to take a closer look.  There were two I liked, and three I didn't like so much.  One of them had a fantastic kitchen and master bath, but the rest of the house was in terrible shape.  Another one was cute, and only $70K, but it was so far out of town.  I didn't really want to drive so far every day.  There was a third option that was a really nice house, it just wasn't grabbing me.  It didn't feel like home.

One I liked a lot, but is pretty expensive.  Another one I do like, and is $5K less, but it will need some work.  Not a lot, just cleaning up and painting.  It's been sitting empty for a while, but it has a nice big yard, already fenced, and a covered patio.  While we were driving to that one, we saw another one near it with a for sale sign.  I went to the company's website and looked at the pictures.  I decided I wanted to see it, too. It's the same price as the other house (the lesser priced one), but is in a lot better shape.  If it's as cute as the pictures show, I think it's the one.  We are going to look at it tomorrow after we go to the bank.

The plan was to go to the real estate agency's website and download pictures to show you, but as it happens, that didn't happen. 

The realtor told me what all paperwork I would need to get my financing started, and I had to get it all found and arranged.  We were going to go to the bank today, but...well, keep reading. 

This morning, I got to work and found that the shift we're not allowed to hold accountable for anything had left us an absolute mess.   It took me the whole first hour just to straighten their mess out.  Then one of the line brazers was out. 

You know how every time Former Group Leader Rod needs a brazer I have to go over there?  Yeah, well guess what happens when Group Leader Fernando needs a brazer?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.   So, I had to run back and forth between line brazing and sub brazing.  That was wearying. 

But the day finally ended -- or so I thought.

Upon arriving at home and getting out of my truck, I heard a suspicious hissing sound.  I prayed it was just the radiator making that sound it makes when I don't check the fluid often enough, but no....I had a flat tire.  And no Fix-A-Flat to be had.  I called the realtor and put off our bank trip until tomorrow.  I had to get this flat fixed somehow. 

I went next door to borrow James' air compressor, but he had just laid down to take a nap.  He's working nights this week.  Beverly said if I could get Cody to take the tire off, I could borrow her car to take it in to get it fixed.  Alas, we couldn't find the jack.  (She also said I could borrow her car to go meet the realtor, but I had to get mine fixed so I could go to work in the morning.  Can't pay a mortgage without a job.)

Plan three...I texted a friend from work to see if he could take it off on his way home, but he'd left early and was already home. 

In despair I bowed my head, and walked into the laundry room.  Guess what I found there?  Yep, a can of  Fix-A-Flat.  Woo-hoo!!  Why it was in my laundry room instead of in my Jimmy is beyond me.  I've long since given up trying to find an explanation for such things. 

I put the Fix-A-Flat into the tire and drove to the corner gas station in such a hurry that I forgot to get quarters for the air machine.  Luckily, I had picked up some ones and the clerk gave me change.  I finished airing up the aforementioned flat tire and drove on into Wal-mart.  While they were fixing my flat, I bought two more cans of  Fix-A-Flat and this time, I left them in the Jimmy. 

In spite of everything, there has been some spinning going on.  I spun up all the fiber that came with the wheel.  I ordered some more, but then couldn't wait until it got here.  I grabbed some roving I'd dyed with cherry Kool-Aid.  It had felted just a bit when I died it, but I was still able to spin it.  

I've got some more of this that I was spinning on a drop spindle, so I'm thinking I'm going to Navajo ply this.  This is my first attempt at Navajo plying:  

With a wee bit of the fuzzy lettuce single I had left over from plying it.

Since the spinning bug was still biting pretty hard, I plied the onion skin dyed yarn.  

I had this much of one single left over:  

I used the wheel to transfer it from the drop spindle to a bobbin.  I think that will make it much easier to play than having the spindle flopping around all over the floor. 

So, now, then next question is, do I wait for the roving I ordered, or do I start trying to spin Disemboweled Cow?  Either way, I'll have to empty up the bobbins.  That will be the next project. 

When I get around to it.

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