Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not Much Going On

Work, sleep, work, sleep....that's about what my life has been like lately,and that's what it will be until overtime season is over.  There really hasn't been much to talk about, unless you want to hear about work stuff. 

Work has been rough lately.  Today, the shift we are not allowed to hold accountable for anything shorted us 100 parts on an order.  Let me spell that out for you.  One hundred parts. 

I wrote up the parts request for tubing and took it to Group Leader Fernando.  I told Vanessa, "If I don't come back, make sure my organs get donated."  I walked down to where Group Leader Fernando was and said, "Before I give this to you, can I have a few moments to see a lawyer and get my will updated?" 

I handed him the paper, and he handed it back and said, "When (Tubing Group Leader) Johnny comes over here, give it to him." 

I said, "I'm not giving that to (Group Leader) Johnny!" 

I turned around and spotted Supervisor Ronnie.  I ran over to him, and said, "You give this to (Group Leader) Johnny!" 

Supervisor Ronnie said, "I'm not giving this to (Group Leader) Johnny!  I'll give it to (Tubing Supervisor) Calvin." 

Now, let me just step out of the factory for a moment and tell you that Group Leader Johnny isn't that bad of a fellow.  He does have a temper that can be rather explosive, but one has to sympathize with him.  When the shift that we are not allowed to hold accountable for anything messes something up, he's usually the one who has to make all the parts again.  This morning, he came to me looking for some parts for another line.  The shift we are not allowed to hold accountable for anything had shorted an order on their line by 95 parts.  Just a couple of weeks ago, he'd had to re-do nearly 200 parts that someone had made wrong.  He wants to do right, but he gets understandably frustrated. 

So, I'll step back into the factory and tell you this little story.  

Group Leader Johnny's oldest daughter is working at the plant for the summer.  When he got aggravated about having to redo those bad parts, she asked me, "What was he mad about?"  I explained about the bad parts, and that he was just frustrated. 

She told me, "I know my daddy has a temper.  One time, I got in a wreck in my driveway.  I hit my sister's car.  My mama came out and told me, 'You go to your grandma's house and don't come come until I come get you!'"

I've been giggling about that ever since. 

In knitting news, I cast on an infant/child sized hat.  This one will end up in the charity box. 

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