Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Have Azaleas!

This bush is probably 15 years old, or thereabouts.

It hadn't bloomed in a few years.  Not much anyway.  It had maybe one or two blooms on it. 

I'd had two, and when they were small, they were OK.  But as they grew, they kind of crowded each other too much, and neither one bloomed.  Last year, I got my pruning saw out and whacked one of them completely to the ground.  It has started putting out new growth, though.  The good news is, the other one --while not completely covered -- has quite a few blossoms this go 'round.

On the other side of the house, I've got things happening in my wildflower bed.

Little stuffs are coming up all over the bed. 

Most of what I'd started in the peat trays is still alive and thriving.  The bad news is, the bugs have already found some of them. 

Sometimes, you just can't win for losing.

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