Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Randomness

I was laying in bed last night, reading my birthday present (thanks, Lisa!).  I'd gotten to a part in which Cary Elwes was telling the story of how they were trying to film a particular scene, and just as Cary was to deliver his line, Andre' the Giant (Fezzig) let out a tremendous, earth rattling fart.  After a moment of shocked silence, the entire cast and crew dissolved into laughter, and it took them several more attempts to finally get the shot. Which, obviously they did.  Because they finished the movie.  But anyway...

As I was reading this very paragraph, Jesse let out a tremendous, earth rattling fart.  My first thought was, "Cool!  This book has sound effects!" 

Then the stench reached my nose, and....well, you don't want to know what my second thought was.

In better news, it's finally cold enough to break out my favorite White & Nerdy hoodie.

Which means it's also cold enough for some gumbo, which I will make this weekend.  I've had the ingredients for several weeks now.  I was just waiting for when the time was right.  I think now the time is right. 

It's also time to pull the ol' coat out of the closet and throw an extra blanket on the bed. 

And finally, life is now complete. 

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