Friday, November 28, 2014

There Has Been Knitting

Last week, when I had dragged everything out of my yarn closet, I had a bag with some charity scarves in it.  I pulled them all out of the bag to take a picture.

That's when I discovered that it wasn't all scarves.  Some of the frou frou yarn hadn't been knit up. 

That was a nice surprise.  That's a lot of mindless knitting while I watch Christmas movies.

 I also found these old socks I'd knit for that Socks For Soldiers group I used to be in.  I'd never sent them this pair because the legs were so tight Cody couldn't get them on. 

He's always had such gigantic feet that I figured if socks fit him, they'd fit just about anybody.  Somehow I'd misjudged the gauge on these, and they were so tight I couldn't even wear them.  Well, I found them during the Great Clean Out.  I ended up ripping them out and am going to repurpose the yarn.  That means reuse, but it sounds more hoity toity.

One thing I was thinking of, I was determined to finish this scarf.  

I'd originally thought I could get it done this week while I was off, but it requires too much concentration.  I got a couple of repeats done, but needed something more mindless to work on while watching football.  So, I cast on another hat.

This is yarn I had leftover from the matching hat and fingerless gloves I knit for my brother in law last Christmas.

Finally, this is as far as the latest weaving has come. 

I'm really paying attention to my tension, and it seems to be going better.  We'll see when this one is done. 

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