Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

I got a good one this time!

I was in the shower, thinking up my own topic for Ten on Tuesday, which was going to be

Ten Things Normal People Do That I've Never Done

But when I checked my blogroll, I found that today's real topic was just as good.  It is

Ten Of My Favorite Childhood TV Shows

Yeah, bud...

OK, here we go.

1.  Scooby Doo -- the old ones, back when they made it obvious that the monster was just a guy wearing a mask.  When they started implying that the ghosts/monstors/etc were real, it stopped being so good.  Oh, and before Scrappy Doo.  He was just annoying.

2.  Johnny Quest-- I never missed it.

3.  Planet Of The Apes-- the TV series, with Virdon and Burke, and Galen.  I never missed it.

4.  The Carol Burnett Show-- It was a Saturday night staple in our house.  And we kids got to stay up to watch it.

5.  Magnum P.I. -- OK, I was a teenager, but technically that's still childhood because I was under 18.  Right?

6.  The Incredible Hulk-- Please don't make me angry.  You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

7.  The Six Million Dollar Man & The Bionic Woman-- We spent hours running in slow motion, making that sound effect.

8.  Star Trek: The Original Series-- Yes, I used to play Star Trek as a child.  I even had a little tricorder, communicator, and phaser.

9.  The Waltons-- it's still a favorite.

10.  Little House On The Prairie-- Laura Ingalls was my hero.  I wanted to be her so badly that I wore my hair in two long, brown braids for years and years.  I even tried calling my parents Ma and Pa.  My mother didn't appreciate that at all.  

So, there you have it.  Ten of my favorite childhood shows.  

Making this list was harder than I thought.  I had to go back and change the topic from "My Ten"  To "Ten Of My".  There were so many more I could have added:  Bugs Bunny, Knight Rider, Simon & Simon, The Facts of Life, Happy Days and so on. 

A few years back, Cody and I were watching some old 80's shows, when out of the blue, he said, "Boy, I really missed out." 

"What do you mean," I asked?

"Y'all had some good shows back then.  Not like the garbage they put out today." 

When a 14 year old boy says something like that, it means something.


Patti said...

Right with ya on #s 4, 5, and 10. In fact don't you remember me that Tom Terrific was my TV-husband during our HSU days? ;)

And he's still as sexy as ever, right-leaning politically too

Becky G said...

I do remember that, and your cabbage patch children, Tommy and Martha.

My TV husband was Greg Louganis, until I found out he turned the other way. I saw him at the Olympics, there cheering on the diving team. He still looks the same, but with gray hair.

Bag Blog said...

I loved Johnny Quest!

Patti said...

Awwww, I woulda watched the diving (or any of the Olympics) if I'd known Greg would be there. He may have "turned the other way" (LOL) but he's always been a cutie, and he is still a Dog Person

And another thing: YOUR cabbage patch kid was named "Gregory Jason Louganis" -- I seem to recall babysitting him whilst you were in the Navy :) Psssst, I sold Tommy and Martha on eBay years ago (I was ready, and don't really miss them as much as I thought I would)

Becky G said...

I still have Gregory Jason, and yep he stayed with you, Tommy and Martha while I went through basic training and my schooling. I think I got you to send him back, though, about the time I got his brother, Joshua David.

I still have both of mine. Now that Cody is off to college, I may have to get them back out again.


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