Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Weekend To Myself

Work is slowing down for the fall, and that means no more overtime.

So, what did I do with myself today?  Well, I started getting caught up on some much needed housekeeping.

I didn't get quite as much done as I'd planned, but I got enough.

In the meantime, remember the Conwy socks I said I was considering ripping?  After thinking about it, I decided that the yarn just didn't match the pattern, so out they came.

To get the kinks out of the raveled yarn, I gave it a good soaking,

then hung it up with a clothes hanger to pull it straight.

What else I did today was to boil down the bindweed and dye the yarn I'd bought.

The website I'd looked at said it made a lovely buttery yellow, but I ended up with an olive/khaki color.

This photo is pretty true to the color I got

Now, I'm wondering what would happen if I overdyed it with some leftover Easter egg dye I have in the closet.  Hmmm.  Well, I did buy the yarn to experiment with...

Cody called me this afternoon to tell me he'd had to buy a new battery for his truck.  I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to send him, and he asked for Charmin toilet paper.  Of all the things in the world to ask for, he wants good toilet paper.

Maybe I'll throw in some chocolate chip cookies, too. 

You know, because that's what moms do. 


Patti said...

Is he going to HSU?

Becky G said...

No, he's going to Mississippi College.


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