Monday, August 06, 2012

I Swanee

That's what the old folks used to say.  I swanee.

See, they didn't want to say "I swear", because Jesus said not to swear. 

"Do not swear by heaven or the earth or Jerusalem" he said.  In Matthew chapter 5, verse 35, he said it. 

So the old folks wouldn't say "I swear".  Instead they said, "I swanee." 

I said all that to say, "I swanee, if I feel as bad tomorrow as I do today, I'm callin' in sick." 

1 comment:

Bag Blog said...

It's kind of like saying "heck" or "darn" or "dang" or "jeeze" etc. But
"swanee" is fun to say. Hope you get to feeling better.


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