Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And The Fun Just Never Ends

I went to my dentist appointment this afternoon to get a referral to an oral surgeon. It didn't take but a minute to take the x-ray and decide that yes, that wisdom tooth needs to come out. He showed me the picture, and I was ... well, shocked.

See, one corner of the tooth is peeking out of my gum, back in the very back of my mouth. I'd always thought it was something like this:

Say nothing about my beautiful artwork, folks. Oh, and I do have more than one tooth. I just chose not to draw the rest, since they are irrelevant to this discussion.

Now, back to my story.  I'd always thought that my tooth looked something like the drawing above, but when he showed me the x-ray, I saw that in reality, it was sideways, like this:

So, yeah, no question it needs to come out. I'll be sure to let you know when I get it all set up.

Here's an interesting -- or not so interesting-- bit of trivia for you.  For the last several months, I've been taking melatonin supplements to help me sleep.  Well, one of the supposed side effects of melatonin is vivid or strange dreams.

When you've stopped laughing...

Since vivid and strange dreams are the story of my life, I didn't think too much of this.   However, it seems to have the opposite effect on me.  Since I started taking it, I seldom dream any more, and when I do, they are anything but vivid or strange. 

The last couple of nights, I figured the Lorcet the dentist gave me would make me drowsy enough that I didn't need to take the melatonin, so I didn't.  And I dreamed.



In other words, normal -- for me at least.

It felt good.  I think after this bottle of melatonin is used up, I'm going to find some other type of sleep aid to use.  Speaking of, they are now marketing benadryl as a sleep aid. 

Yep, it's true.   Have you seen the new Nyquil product called Zquil?  When you read the ingredients label, what does it say?  Dyphenhydramine hydrochloride. 

Do you know what dyphenhydramine hydrochloride is?  Yep, Benadryl. 

I'll pass on the Zquil, thank you very much and just buy some generic.  It's a lot cheaper. 

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