Friday, April 27, 2012

NFL Draft Round 1

Christmas in April -- er, I mean Draft Day-- dawned bright and sunny.   Draft Day is one of the most exciting days of the football year.  You just never know what might happen...

 In round 1, Dallas had the 14th pick, so I wasn't really paying all that close attention in the early picks. I was watching the draft on, while watching Big Bang Theory on TV.

Anyway, I wasn't paying that close of attention-- just glancing over every now and again to see who the picks were. Andrew Luck went to the Colts, as expected. RGIII went to the Redskins, again as expected. The Vikings traded the third pick to the Browns, who took Trent Richardson. And so on.

The Rams had the sixth pick, and Mike Mayock was droning on and on in that supremely annoying voice he has, when suddenly...

Suddenly I saw the Rams icon change to the familiar blue star.

That got my attention.  Jerry had traded up to the sixth pick.  Something big was going to happen.  I heard someone say, "Morris Claiborn is still out there."  Morris Claiborne?  Could it be? 

Barely able to breath, I silently plead, "Meaux Claiborne... Meaux Claiborne..." and then, Roger Goodell walked to the podium and 

 "Yes!" I shouted, jumping straight up out of my chair.  And Jesse ran and hid behind the bed, and Rylea rolled over and asked, "Is it football season again already?"

And Mama cried tears of joy....

And Giants fans showed their true class once again.  

Draft Day.  It is the most exciting day of the off season.

You just never know what might happen.  

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