Thursday, April 05, 2012

I Give Up

But before I give up, first the good news. I'm a grandma!

Of sorts. My little birdie eggs hatched!

I know it's not the best of photos, but it had just finished raining, and I didn't want to keep the mama away from them for very long. So I just snapped a quickie and left them alone. Maybe on a warmer day, I can get a better one.

Well, as I expected, the seeds I planted a few weeks ago are all dying.  The Cosmos are all gone.  The Zinnias and Petunias are dropping like flies.  The Four O'Clocks are still hanging in there, but even some of them have died.  So, I gave up and bought some perennials.  

This pack has 12 plants in it. Eight blazing star, two purple coneflowers, and two Goldsturm coneflowers.  They are perennials, though.  Probably Saturday after work, I'll borrow James' tiller and cut up a bed for them and whatever seedlings survive.

I've also got three big pots that I'm going to buy some potting soil for and just buy some annuals to put in them. 

Parting shot:  How to tell when Jake has been visiting.

He brings every toy in the house wanting me to throw it for him.

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