Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Music Monday

on Tuesday.

Yeah, I forgot yesterday was Monday, and wrote a regular post.  So you get your music on Tuesday instead.

I dreamed about my daddy's iris beds last night.  I dreamed how his iris were always so beautiful and stately, and my bed was just pitiful.

That put me in mind of this video.  Some of my fondest memories are of my dad and grandpa taking me and my older brother fishing when we were very little.  Except my rod and reel was green, not pink.  And it came apart for easy storage.

One time, we were down at Rollover Pass fishing.  I was doing more playing than fishing, but I suddenly decided to cast my line out.  I picked up my rod and reel and cast it out as far as it would go.

To my horror, the top piece of my rod came off and disappeared into the water.  I stared at it openmouthed, wondering how I was going to fish with that little nub I had left.

My grandpa laughed at me, but my dad just calmly walked over and reeled my line in.  There, caught on the hook, was the end of my rod.  He put my rod back together, and I carried on fishing.

I don't remember if I caught anything that day.

Other than the top of my rod, that is...

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Bag Blog said...

My dad was not a fisherman, but he did take me hunting once. It was not my thang. Sitting still is not my thang.


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