Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things My Father Taught Me

How to tie a square knot.
How to tie a bowline knot.
How to read a sextant.
How to read a sundial. 
How to read a map.
How to find latitude and longitude.
How to track hurricanes.

How to keep a journal.

How to play chess. 
How to throw a football.
How to throw a harpoon.
How to cast a rod and reel.

That if I really loved that fish, I'd put him back into the water so he could live.

How to change a tire.
How to check the oil.
How to drive a nail, and turn a screw.
How to run a table saw.
To keep my fingers well back from the blade.

How to tell which figs will taste the best.
How to identify poison ivy.
How to identify venomous snakes.
To identify clouds.
To identify constellations.

That even the most mundane tasks can be made more exciting when a good story is involved.

To sing "Away down South where the cotton grows there was an old man a pickin his nose, look away!"

To appreciate the value of a good book.
That a library can be an exciting place.

To love the Dallas Cowboys.

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