Monday, May 24, 2010

Spreading Hatred

OK, first of all, with a speeding vehicle, a bull dozer, a squad truck, a fire truck, a helicopter, and 10-15 assorted firemen and paramedics stomping around, there's no way a rattlesnake will still be hanging around.  Even if it was, it is highly unlikely that it would strike unprovoked like that.  An estimated 95% of snake bites occur when the victim is trying to capture or kill the snake.  Often, alcohol is involved.

Secondly, Johnny will NOT be dead within minutes.  Rattlesnake venom is not that potent.  In fact, most bite victims have several hours to get medical help before the venom becomes potentially fatal.  And though I don't recommend it, many people have survived rattlesnake bites without seeking medical attention at all.

Finally, that bite is awfully high on Johnny's leg.  Most bites--some 90%--are on the foot and ankle.  Furthermore, a snake will seldom strike without giving adequate warning.  That's why God made that little rattle on their tails.  It takes tremendous energy to produce venom, and snakes won't use it unless they absolutely have to.  A snake won't suddenly strike out of the blue unless they feel their lives are in immediate danger, and as shy as they are--well, see point #1.

Eastern Diamondback

OK, OK, I was watching an old episode of Emergency on Netflix, via their watch instantly feature.  Roy and Johnny had just helped some teenagers that had been in a car accident.  Johnny forgot his handy talkie and reached back into the car to get it, when a rattlesnake jumped up and bit him.  Maybe it makes good TV adventure, but in my book, garbage like that only adds to the fear and hatred people have for snakes.
Even with all the moonbat animal rights BS that is out there, snakes are still the only animal it is acceptable to kill just because it is a snake.

And really, all they want is to be left alone.

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