Thursday, May 06, 2010

Feeling Better

I'm still very sore and stiff, though.  And my face is swollen like I've been hit with a sledge hammer, but I'm doing a little better.  I just don't have any energy.  I walked out to the mailbox, and was absolutely shaking by the time I got back.  I've spent most of the day watching Netflixes and knitting.  I got caught up weaving in ends of my blankie.  I still have a few more mini skeins of yarn left before I run out again.  I also picked back up my Vernal Equinox to work on while waiting for the next Mystery Shawl clue to come out.  I've got about 10 more rows before I get through with chart 4.  I'll post photos when I'm done.

The way I feel, I think I will give myself tomorrow off, too. 

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