Monday, October 12, 2009


I've finished the first chart of my Queen Anne's Lace, and am about to start the second.

It's hard to take good photos when it's all squshed up on the needle.

And as promised, here is a cute puppy photo:

Kindly ignore the teenager glaring at the camera.

Rylea says, "I'm still cute, too."

Yes, you are, sweet girl!


Robin said...

Oh MAN...what a look from Rylea AND Cody! Hi Jake!

Patch said...

Cody's all grown up!

Rylea looks like she has a similar attitude about being photographed as the cat does!

Becky said...

Robin thanks. They do give some good looks.

Patch, he's 16 now

Yes, Rylea doesn't like the camera.


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