Sunday, October 25, 2009

AP Rankings

I swear, I just don't understand those AP folks. I don't know how they come up with the rankings they do. It's just this--last week's #1 team, Alabama barely held off unranked Tennessee. Last week's #2 Florida struggled against unranked Mississippi State, yet those two teams are still #1 and #2--only this week they swapped positions.

Texas blows out Missouri, who is expected to win their division, 41-7, and they rank #3. And get this, Texas Tech was demolished by Texas A&M, who is pretty sorry, 52-30 yet they still received votes. They didn't crack the top 25, but they got votes. The USA Today poll is the same.

It makes me wonder what criteria they use.

Well, they're media folks anyway. We all know how reliable the media is, don't we?


Tammy said...

Maybe they vote based on "hope".

Steve said...

It's all bogus until they get a playoff! My vote is for "change!"

Becky said...

I thought only Nobel Peace Prized were given based on "hope" and "change".


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