Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Better Day

Jake is doing much better today. When I got home, he was still laying around, but didn't look quite as dull. What was worrying me, though, was that I couldn't get him to eat or drink. He just didn't seem interested. For him to get dehydrated was a real possibility, and I know that with animals, that can be a downward spiral. They don't understand that they need to drink even if they don't feel like it. The more they get dehydrated, the worse they feel, the less likely they are to drink, the more they get dehydrated, the worse they feel. So, I did what any good puppy mom would do.

I tricked him.

OK, I didn't really trick him. I had some chicken broth in the cabinet, so I gave him some of that. It's mostly water, anyway. He drank every bit of it up. Once he was rehydrated a bit, he really perked up--so much so that I had to put him back into his kennel to keep him from overdoing.

About an hour later, he started eating again. Things are definitely looking brighter for him.

Rylea, on the other hand, is mad because I won't let her run loose any more. I said, "You're just going to have to get over that, dog. I can't trust you any more."

Oh, well. That's what happens when you won't stay out of the street.



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