Thursday, October 01, 2009

Show Me

good Lord! Is it October already? Well, here goes...

My bedroom calendar, only with my brother and sister in law instead of my adorable nephew Joshua:

My kitchen calendar:

My living room calendar, featuring Early Doucet, who now plays with the Arizona Cardinals:

And my office calendar, featuring the incomparable DeMarcus Ware:

And in the mail today, I got TWO, yes two issues of my Star magazine. One was last week's issue that just got here.

So, it was time to order more snake food. The best thing about ordering frozen mice is the dry ice. Did you know that if you put a drop of water on dry ice, you can watch it freeze solid before your very eyes? Cool, huh?

Then, of course, there is the fog.

Whispy tendrils creeping out of the sink and across the kitchen floor.

A sink full of fog...

And before you get all mother hen on me, yes, I know dry ice is dangerous. I know not to touch it. Even Cody knows that.

Speaking of Cody, earlier this week he said to me, he says, "Mom, if I tell you something tonight, will you remember it tomorrow?"

What can I say? The kid knows his mother.

1 comment:

Tabitha said...

Love to play with dry ice. Almost makes me want to order snake food just so I can have some dry ice to play with. Should I warn you not to stick your head into that fog either. LOL

Your snake is invited to come eat the mice in the field next to the house. He would be a very full snake.


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