Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Best Play

of the day:

Pigeon covers kickoff

By the way, I was right about the college rankings. Texas slipped to #3, and Florida slipped to #2. Alabama is the new #1. The first BCS rankings came out today, too and Florida is currently #1, followed by Alabama, then Texas. Surprisingly, LSU is still in the top ten, coming in at #9 in both polls. I just don't think they're really playing that well. They've just had a couple of big plays that pulled them out of some of those games.

Dallas had a bye this week, so I enjoyed watching New Orleans put the smack down on the New York Giants. The rest of the NFC East also lost, Washington falling to Kansas City, and the Eagles losing to, of all teams, the Oakland Raiders.

Brett Favre is still undefeated, as the Vikings hold off the Ravens. And the Titans are still winless as they fall to the Patriots 59-0.

I'm not going to make it to the end of the Chicago/Atlanta game. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

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