Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I'm Allowed

Despite what people at my work seem to believe, I am allowed to take vacation days every once in a while.  And I did so yesterday. 

Beverly and James  went to Tennessee to see great grandson Cory get baptized and great granddaughter Brooklyn get dedicated.  They go to a cowboy church, and Cory was baptized in a horse trough.  How cool.  I was baptized in a plain old baptistry.  On a Wednesday night.  But this isn't about that.

Cory was so cute.  They'd warned him that the water would be cold, because their heater didn't reach it.  I don't know why.  Anyway, he got into the trough and started to sit down.  He stood right back up and said, "Maybe we can wait until it warms up some."  They told him no, and promised to do it really quickly.  And they did. 

On their way back home, they stopped here for a day.  They came in Sunday night and left out this morning.  Friday, I asked Supervisor for a vacation day for Monday, so I could hang out with them.  It was kind of short notice, so I told him, "Either way, I'm not going to be here.  I just need to know whether I need to call in or not."  As luck would have it, there was one space available, and I was able to preserve my perfect attendance.

Yesterday morning, they came and picked me up and we all went to the local closeout store.  Bev had heard there was going to be some Pioneer Woman dishes there, and there were.  Three plates and two bowls.  That was it.  She was very disappointed.  They did have a huge section of yarn, fabrics, and craft stuff...but it was blocked off so they could have a big sale the day AFTER they left town.  She was still disappointed.

I made out like a bandit.  I got a new tool set, plus some new clippers and a weeder.

Maybe I can get all those annoying grass roots out of my flower bed with that.  I also got some less exciting stuff, like shampoo and hand soap, but you don't want to hear about that because it's boring.   
After that, Bev and I came back to my house and hung out while James went to visit a very sick friend.  She mentioned that in her haste to pack, she hadn't brought any yarn.  She had a crochet hook in her purse, but didn't have any yarn to crochet.  I let her dive in my stash so she'd have happy hands. 

I moved everything out from in front of the closet so she could see what was in there.  Now that it's in the middle of the room, it doesn't seem like that much.  I want to sort and organize it instead of just shoving it back against the wall.

Now that I can reach this closet, I can get it straightened up.  That ought to be fun, right?

The last thing they did before heading back to the campground (they stayed at the lake in their camper), James got out and changed my lawnmower blade and weedeater head for me.  I'd bought some new lawnmower blades last fall on clearance, but I'd never been able to get the bolt loose.  I felt a little better because he had to use a cheater on it himself. 

Nevertheless, my lawnmower has a new blade, and I can mow like a whiz.  Unfortunately, it rained today, and I wasn't able to get out and mow, or weedeat. 

Maybe tomorrow. 

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