Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What Day Is It?

This weird work schedule has me all out of sorts.  I was looking forward all day to watching Master Chef Junior this evening.  About 6:15, I suddenly realized that today is Wednesday, and I'd missed it.  Master Chef came on yesterday. 

Such is my life.  At least I had Survivor and Criminal Minds to look forward to. 

Yesterday, I came home to find that Rylea is carrying on an inappropriate relationship with Mr. Frosty. 

"I wuv dis snowman," she says.

Today, I seem to have interrupted them doing something naughty. 

"What are you doing to that snowman???" says Squeaky.

"Never you mind," said Rylea. 

"If I weren't made of snow, my face would be so red," says Mr. Frosty.

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