Monday, December 08, 2014

Lazy Monday

It truly was a lazy Monday.  Behold my biggest accomplishment for the day:

Speaking of Christmas presents, this is my nephew Joshua in his Halloween costume. 

My sister in law posted that picture on Facebook, so I told Joshua he needed a sonic screwdriver like the one I got last year.  Oh my goodness, that kid went so crazy, I could almost hear him spazzing from all the way out here.  "WHERE CAN I GET THAT?????"  he asked.  Well, Yoke Wan and I did a little conniving, and I said I'd send him one for Christmas.  A few days later, she asked me, "Is there any way you can send that a little early?  He is bugging me to death wanting one." 

Thanks to Amazon Prime and their free two day shipping, I'd already received the sonic screwdriver, so I wrapped it up and sent it on to him.  He was so happy to get it, he posted pictures of it, saying it was his new favorite device. 

How crazy is this kid for Doctor Who?  His mother posted videos of his piano recital in November.  What was he wearing?  The tweed jacked, bow tie, and fez.  Two weeks ago, she posted this picture of Joshua at my uncle's funeral.  Do you see what he is wearing? 

I think that fez has gone to his head.  But hey, fezzes are cool.  So are bow ties.

The only thing is that now he doesn't have anything to open Christmas morning, so I think I'm going to send him a little (inexpensive) something else.  Jammie Dodgers, what else? 

Back to my lazy day...I had to go to the post office to pick up a package.  Since I was in town, I went by Wal-mart and bought some more food containers and made turkey noodle soup.  With all the soup I have in my freezer, I shouldn't have to buy food for the next year. 

Oh, and I finished another hat. 

I need to finish the scarf I have on the loom, because I have a request for a scarf as a Christmas gift, but I'm just not feeling it. 

Well, it's back to work tomorrow.  All this time off is making me not want to go back.  But somebody has to pay the bills around here. 

These dogs sure aren't going to do it.

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