Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We're Blogging!

My friend and fellow blogger Jasini clued me in to this Blogging 101 course.   Even though I've been blogging for almost 9 years, I'm always looking for ways to improve the blog.  They also have a Writing 101 course that I may do after this one is over.  I hope that I will be allowed to participate, even though my blog isn't on WordPress. 

The topic of the first post is to introduce myself and to give a brief statement as to why I am blogging.  OK, here goes...

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Becky.  I was born and raised in Texas, and hope to go back there some day.  Soon.  I'm not married -- or I should say, I am no longer married.  I have one son, who will turn 21 next month and is going to college to become a minister.  Myself, I'm going to hit the half century mark in November, and no, I'm not embarrassed to tell you my age.  Growing old is a privilege denied to many. I also have two dogs, a cat, seven snakes, and one fish. 

I started this blog back in November 2005 in order to post my sketches.  I thought if I had to be accountable to readers, I'd be more disciplined with doing them.  It didn't really work out that way.  Then, I was thinking that since my family is so scattered, a blog would be a good way to keep in touch with all of them. That didn't work out either, as most of my family doesn't even read my blog. 

Other topics of interest over the years have been my adventures in the martial arts, photography, football, knitting, and weaving.  I've kept at it, because I really enjoy writing.  I do keep a private journal, but I also chose to blog publicly because I enjoy the interaction I have with my readers.  Being a classic introvert, I've always expressed myself better in writing.  When I sit down to write a post, I imagine myself sitting down with a couple of best friends over coffee and chat about my day.   

Successfully blogging over the next year will bring me not just new readers and new blogs to read, but also new friends. 

Now, since technically, I was supposed to start yesterday, but didn't know about it until today, I'm going to also do today's topic, too.  The assignment for Tuesday is to edit the title and tagline of my blog.  I won't be changing the title, since it was chosen in a contest several years ago.  My first title wasn't all that appealing:  Sketches And More.  I was a bit bumfuzzled at choosing a new one, so I had a contest on the blog looking for suggestions. 

The winner was Fine Martial Fiber, suggested by Sus, who no longer blogs.  She said, "because you're a fine artist, a martial artist, and a fiber artist." 

I was going to try to come up with a better tagline, but on second thought, I think I'll keep it, too.  Chronicling The Arts Of My Life. 

Because it just fits. 

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Anonymous said...

It looks good to me. :-)

Whether you can officially register or not, at least you can follow the blog. :-)


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