Monday, September 08, 2014

Not Yet

No new fish just yet.

Saturday, I just didn't really feel like going.  I did go down to the corner gas station to air up my passenger side rear tire, but even after I'd finished, I heard the telltale hissing of air escaping.  So, no trip to Southaven.  I felt it was too risky even to go to Batesville.

It held enough air to get me to church yesterday and to work today, but tomorrow I'm going to have to go get it fixed.  One of the rare few times I wish I were married.  Then I could say, "Honey, go get that tire fixed while I sit here and heat up a frozen pizza for your supper."

Back to Saturday....I was relaxing at home after I'd talked myself out of going fish hunting, when I heard a strange noise.  Sounded like someone knocking on my door.  When I went to see who was there, I found it wasn't a person, but a branch.  

I have this gigantic oak tree in my front yard.  It has got to be somewhere between 200 and 300 years old.  Every once in a while, it drops a limb.  Several years ago, it dropped a huge limb on my front porch.  It sounded like a cannon shot, and scared the patooties out of me.  James and Beverly got quite a haul of firewood out of it.  And that was after I took several pieces out to a cub scout campout.

Tonight is the last Supermoon of the year, and it also coincides with the Harvest Moon. 

When I was a kid, it was always one of my dad's annual rituals to go out and watch the Harvest Moon rise.  I always forget now, mainly because where I live now has too many trees.  I can't even see it until it gets well up into the sky.  When Cody was little, we did it for a few years.  We'd watch until it rose over the trees, then we'd go inside and eat Harvest Moon* cookies and drink hot chocolate.

And somebody would sing Shine On...

*Harvest Moon cookies were just large, round sugar cookies. 

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