Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Say Hi To The Neighbors

The good news is, I can participate in the Blogging 101 course, even though I don't have a WordPress blog.  I do have to open a WordPress account if I want to participate in the forums or use the reader.  The bad news is, due to site difficulties, I can't get the e-mail with the links to open right now, and I'm just too lazy to do a search.  Ah, well, it be's that way sometimes.

I knew a chief in the Navy who used to say that.  It's an old colloquialism of which I have yet rid to myself.

Anyway, on to the day's topic.

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

My blogroll is pretty long already, and the sad part is, I don't usually even have time to keep up with them all. So many of them I've lost interest in also.   I've started following many new ones when I started doing Chats, but I just don't feel like I'm connecting with the authors.  The ones I actually keep up with are listed in my right sidebar.

Once I get into the Wordpress site, though, I'm going to try to find some new blogs that will hold my interest better.  From what I understand, in the Wordpress reader you can follow topics as well as individual blogs.   I do hope that I can find some new friends there. 

Now, how about a little real life?

Monday, I was at work just hanging around, and I realized that here it is the middle of September already, and I've only taken three days off so far this year.  After consulting my calendar, I put in for my remaining 17 days.  Today, I got final approval on all 17.  Yay!

At least one of those days, I want to get up with Christi and go to the range.  We've been talking about going again anyway.  They've opened a new range up in Oxford, but they want $30 a day for lane rental.  That's just a bit out of my budget.

And finally, Fall is finally here!  The first spider lily is poking its wee head above ground. 

Soon, the yard will once again be a riot of red.  You can bet I will be posting photos. 

Now, let me see if I can go figure out this WordPress thing. 

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