Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Step Two

I got a corner of the kitchen cabinet cleaned off and got my little fish bowl set up.  I still want to get some plants to put into it, and maybe a rock decoration or two.  I'll get those when I go Friday.  One good thing is, I remembered an unused plug multiplier/surge protector in Cody's room, so I didn't have to buy another one of those. 

Well, I wouldn't have had to buy one, but the light and the air pump took up both outlets in that corner, so it would have been really inconvenient not to have a plug there.  Especially since that's where I plug my phone charger in.

On the other hand, if I put a little heater in there during the winter time, I will need another plug.  So, yeah...

Saturday I'll probably head out to find a fish.  Texas and LSU both play at 6:30, so there's no conflict there -- except for those of us who want to watch both games, that is.  

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya.  

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