Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Finished Object

And here it is. 

This one took a while, mainly because my weaving fu took a little vacation.  But I soldiered on and got it done.  It wasn't easy, I tell you.  The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome Select in Old Rose. 

I'm still trying to do the Blogging 101 thing, but I'll admit that I'm struggling with it.  The last few assignments have had to do with the theme and layout.  That part is more for beginning bloggers.  I've had mine the way I want it for a few years now.    I actually tried to start a blog over on Wordpress so I could play around with their templates and stuff, but it just seemed too much trouble to try to keep up with two.  Anyway...

Today's assignment is to leave comments on four blogs you've never commented on before.  The caveat is, you have to remember which blogs and what the comments were.  Dude, I can barely remember my own birthday, much less which blogs I comment on. 

Even worse, you have to write a comment that contributes to the conversation.  "Nice blog" and the like just won't get it.  I'm thinking I may have to just bow out of this one. 

The good news is, tomorrow and Friday I have vacation days. Counting the weekend, I'll have four days off in a row.  Yay!

The plan was to put Jimmy in the shop and try to get my heater fixed before the cold weather sets in.  The reality will most likely be Criminal Minds on Netflix all day. 

Yeah, because I'm such a wild one like that. 

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