Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like


The first cold front if the year blew through last night and has lowered the temps a little.  And what with the dreary, gray, overcast day, it almost feels like fall.

Not quite, but almost.

Today was our annual training day at work.  It only last half a day at the most, and today we got out at 10:00ish.  I went straight to Wal-mart from work -- because I knew if I went home first, I wouldn't leave the house again-- and got that leaky tire fixed.  Finally.

Turns out it wasn't a flat at all.  The seal around the valve stem had come unsealed, or something, so all they had to do was reseal it.  I got the tires rotated and balanced while I was there, and since I'd bought all my tires there, they didn't charge me anything for all that work.  Because I'd bought the road hazard/rotation/balance insurance and stuff. 

So, the tire is fixed.  Now I just need someone to make sure I get up an get moving in the morning-- to go get a fish.  

More sure signs of fall, I bought a pie pumpkin.

I'd wanted to get one last year, but waited too late and they were all gone.  I'm going to stew it down and make some pumpkin pies.  My mini pie pans have sat idle for far too long. 

Here is some candy corn, just because. 

 Now, I'm just waiting on pumpkin spice marshmallows and my spider lilies, and it'll be fall for sure.  

Thursday, I was getting buzzed by the Army again.  I'm not sure what this one is. 

I think it's a C-130 Hercules, but I'm not going to bet my life on that.  A couple of times, it flew right over the house.   This one is cool, but my favorite is still the Apache -- um, I mean the Fuzzy Kitten-- helicopter. 

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