Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So, my baby brother and his wife sent me an Amazon gift card for Christmas.  I've bought a couple of books, and was sitting all snuggled down in my recliner reading, when I heard this weird buzzing sound.

Thinking at first that my DVD player had gone crazy and was spinning the disc spinner thingy, I turned it off, but the buzzing noise continued. Then I thought it was my old movie camera, so I made sure it was turned off.  It was, and the buzzing noise continued, still.

Listening carefully, I realized it was coming from outside.  I opened my front door, and it was a car horn.  My first thought was that the people across the street were being annoying.  They do have a teenager, after all.  But no, it wasn't coming from their house.  It was coming from Cody's truck. 

You know, my son Cody, who is in Texas right now.  Not that he would have known what to do anyway.  He's not very mechanically minded is he.

My first thought was to disconnect the battery, but I had to call James --who is also in Texas-- to tell me where a wrench or channel locks or something is, because all my tools have mysteriously disappeared. 

He tells me to take the fuse out, but I don't know where the fuse box is, and it's too dark to try to find it.  Then he tells me to disconnect the horn wire, but I don't know where the horn is.  So I finally get a wrench and pull the negative battery cable off. 

And finally, we have blessed quiet once again. 

Then I texted Cody and told him his truck was demon possessed. 

Seriously, though, I hope it's something that can be fixed easily and inexpensively.  He needs his truck.

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Bag Blog said...

That is weird and kind of funny.


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