Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Time Is Here

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you would have noticed the frenzy of baking that took place all day yesterday.  And that was because Christmas came early in the Fine Martial Family.

Since everyone was leaving today, scattering hither and yon, we had our family get together yesterday evening after James got off of work.

We had food


And we had presents.


A lot of presents.

And the ubiquitous family photos, of which I managed not to get one of Cody and myself.



And we had Shelbi's boyfriend Jacob.


Then we got down to opening presents.





I didn't take nearly as many pictures this year as I usually do.  I got enough to prove that Christmas came, then I decided instead to just put the camera down and enjoy the time spent with family. 

Today has been kinda weird, in that it feels like the day after Christmas.  I did save a couple of presents to open Christmas morning, but here is my loot from last night:


From left to right, a bottle of perfume --Soft Musk, from Cody (in the orange box)
Cookie mix in a jar, from Mike, Dennise and the girls
Candy-- we all got a stocking with candy
A short handled hammer from Beverly and James
A Book --Scientific Facts from the Bible--from Cody
And a couple of hot pad/pot holders from Beverly and James...

 And looky!  Looky what I got!!!



I didn't sleep in them last night, but I did wear them around the house this morning until it warmed up some.  I really do like them, but I'm almost afraid to sleep in them because they are fleece.  Night sweats and fleece feet pajamas simply do not go together.  It's supposed to get cold again next week, so I may try to sleep in them one night.

That was it for our Christmas get together this year.  If you want to see the whole album, it is here:  Christmas 2012.

The bad news is, I didn't get any of my siblings' presents mailed.  You know, there was that whole end of the world thing going on, and I sure wasn't going to go to the post office if the world was about to end. 

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

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